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SHE deserves to become our world's next innovator, critical thinking problem solver!

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MSKSI: Nurturing Brilliance and Mentoring Hope

My Sister's Keeper Success Institute's philosophy is that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are not about memorizing facts and formulas. Exposure to STEAM (integration of ARTS as a learning tool for STEM) for girls age 10-17 is about encouraging curiosity, fostering creativity, and developing habits of mind (ways of thinking about the world) that will turn them into the kinds of problem-solvers, innovators, and inventors our future depends on.

STEM=Equal Opportunity

Our program is about making opportunities and possibilities clear for young women of color. In 2015, minority women were represented less in science and engineering (S&E) occupations than they were in the U.S. general population, even less representation than any other female demographic. Enter the power of Mentors. MSKSI helps girls visualize ways that they could change the world through connecting them with Mentors who have careers in STEM. These Mentors help girls to create an actionable plan to accomplish their goals. The Mentors to share the meaning they make in their work, the types of problems they solve in their work and how they solve them. Girls can more easily see themselves as future actors in STEM careers with the benefit of Mentors.

We Thrive With Diversity

Not only do STEM-related jobs pay higher on average than other jobs, but engineers, inventors and medical researchers are responsible for the decisions and technological advances that shape the world we live in. If we want our girls to grow up to have a seat at the table and a hand in the shaping of our world, we need to start paving the way as early as possible. This also includes encouraging girls to explore entrepreneurship and creating global solutions through enterprise. We must encourage them to wonder, to guess and test things out, and to get brave about making mistakes in the learning process as they explore the world around them and learn from their experiences.

Whole Girl Development

MSKSI aspires to mentor young women to not only thrive in their planning for higher education and careers in STEM, but also to build healthy mindsets and practices that will help them sustain the success they achieve in life, in the face of challenges and negative conditions. This is accomplished through Personal Development Intensive Workshops "MSKSI School of Awake." This workshop will include an interactive curriculum to help girls develop the competencies needed to effectively communicate ideas and feelings, develop healthy relationships with self and others, embrace her authentic self, develop mindfulness and a growth mindset and learn strategies for self care.